Kalamazoo Academy of Rock is ready to roll again this year at Ribfest, plus we've booked a 90s cover band and a unique, original act we hope you'll love.

It's hard to say what people love more about Kalamazoo Ribfest, the food or the music. Just as you've got to have cornbread, baked beans and coleslaw with your ribs, we've added some sides to our main featured musical attractions Jake Kershaw, Everclear, Joan Osborne and Spin Doctors.

Kalamazoo Academy of Rock | Saturday, August 3 from 11:00am – 3:30pm

  • A perennial favorite, KAR has played every year since 2010. We've listened to your request and given these guys even more time to play!

Project90 | Friday, August 2 from 5:30 – 7:00

  • From boy bands to Friends, Sex & the City to Super Nintendo, the 90s are alive and well, and Project90 is the soundtrack. These are all the songs you collected on those Now! That's What I Call Music CDs back when people bought CDs.

likemelikeyou | Saturday, August 3 from 5:30 – 7:00

  • Greyson describes the music he writes as "songs of shared experience; you're a lot likeme, I'm a lot likeyou." Give it a shot, he'll be opening for Joan Osborne on Saturday.

So, when it comes to the Summer tradition of Kalamazoo Ribfest, is it "come for the ribs and stay for the music,"or, "come for the music and stay for the ribs?"

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