It’s common knowledge that many people are not a fan of bugs. I myself nearly broke my hand when I freaked out when a giant moth touched my arm earlier this morning. But many people are creeped out by bugs and it’s a pretty common fear. Then there are the bugs out there that are so big and nasty that literally everybody is afraid of them and one such bug is the giant water bug.

The scientific name for this massive thing is Lethocerus Americanus, but more commonly it’s known as the Toe Biter, and according to a post in My Michigan Backyard they’re one of the biggest incests in the country:

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Commonly known as the Toe Biter, these scary-looking insects are the largest insect in Michigan and second only to the Giant Walking Stick in all of the US growing to an amazing 2 to 4 inches with some sources claiming that they can grow up to 6 inches in length.


All insects can bite, but Giant Water Bugs have a needle-like mouth part called a rostrum that can pierce through flesh and inject toxic enzymes that break down body tissues and dissolve muscle into a goo, which the insect then slurps up. These bites aren't dangerous to humans but can be extremely painful

I don't know about you, but I NEVER want to encounter this thing. I may have to adopt a "no swimming in anything but a pool" policy while in Michigan to ensure I never have one of these things nibble on me.

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