BIKES! Join Mike McKelly and Stefani Bishop from the Rocker Morning Show in welcoming Tom Segura to the show, just after 7:00, Wednesday, April 8th. The incomparable Tom Segura is back on Netflix with two comedy specials; one in English, and one in Spanish. Like Mostly Stories and DisgracefulBall Hog is Segura's latest special to drop that features all the Not-Safe-For-Work humor you've come to love. The half Peruvian/half American Segura has been pushing comedy boundaries for years in both his specials and podcasts. Recently seen on the silver screen in the Mark Wahlberg comedy Instant Family , Segura has also made appearances in Workaholics, Happy Endings, and How to Be a Grown Up

Don't miss the exclusive Rocker Morning Show interview with Tom Segura, 7:00, Wednesday, April 8th.

Bonus Video: Tom Segura - The Key to Marriage (NSFW)

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