Alright, let's get Climax and Colon out of the way because they are obvious.  So I thought why not go back to middle school and laugh about all the city names in Michigan that sound dirty.  Here's my Top 10...

Michigan - Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Bureau of Transportation Statistics

10. Butman (gotta start with a classic)

9. Frenchtown ( I don't know how old you were when you finally got to Frenchtown.  I was 13.)

8. Ironwood (We should all be so lucky; especially at my age.)

7. Frankenlust (He's got the bolts in his neck, she's got the crazy eyes and the white streaks in her hair and it's all wrapped up in some weird necrophilia)

6. Beaver Township (Haven't they gotten enough ridicule?)

5. Mount Haley ( I love it when a town name is also an activity.)

4. Jugville ( Coincidentally the town is filled with twins.)

3. Clam Union (I guess the town could also be named Scissors)

2. Brown City (Not many I know have been to Brown City.  I guess this town could also be named 5th base.)

1. Felch (If you're ever honored there you don't get a key to the city, you get a straw)

Bonus Video: McKellyism

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