After the random acts of violence over the weekend I have noticed a huge mix of emotions through social media. From people who are angered and outraged, to people who are just scared and confused. You may find you have trouble eating, concentrating, or just remembering simple tasks. In times like these the A.M.A. or American Psychological Association came up with a few ways to help manage your distress.

  • Talk About It! Just ask someone who is close to you to listen to your concerns.
  • Strive For Balance. When tragedies like this occur, it is easy to just focus on the negative. Try to balance that with good positive memories of experiences.
  • Turn It Off, Take A Break. The news does what they can do to keep of informed and up to date on a situation, but sometimes it can be overload if you don't take a break. Turn off the news and try doing something that will lift your spirits.
  • Honor Your Feelings. It's normal to have a range of emotions in times like these. Don't feel worried that you are feeling so many emotions.
  • Take Care Of Yourself. Healthy living will help you cope with excessive stress. Well-balanced meals, plenty of rest, and exercise are very important in times like these.

I hope you are able to take something from this, and just remember it takes time to heal.

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