Depending on your point of view, Macy's opening Toys R Us shops in their stores across the country is either a stroke of genius or a desperate attempt to keep two dinosaurs (one of which has already gone belly up once before) from extinction.

By the time the holidays arrive late this fall, you should be able to go to the Crossroads Mall Macy's store and find the latest version of Toys R Us, as a shop inside Macy's. On paper, a lot of this sounds good. According to a USA Today story, Toys R Us kids young and old will find "demonstration tables where shoppers can try out different toys, and a life-size "Geoffrey on a bench" where kids and adults can pose for photos with the toy brand's giraffe mascot."

For Macy's, this should generate some foot traffic, and for Toys R Us, basically, it's another chance to come back to life, having gone out of business after bankruptcy. But indications are that a limited relaunch that started last year has produced positive results (and presumably some profits for the two companies.

Macy's revealed during its first quarter 2022 earnings toy sales were 15 times higher than the comparable period before partnering with Toys R Us. "The customer response to our partnership with Toys "R" Us has been incredible and our toy business has seen tremendous growth," - Nata Dvir, Macy’s chief merchandising officer via USA Today.

Macy's is still open at the Crossroads Mall, with two locations in Grand Rapids at Rivertown and Woodland Malls. There are 11 stores in the metro Detroit areas. All of the Toys R Us shops should be ready by mid-October.

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