Trader Joe's always had the illusion of being a super expensive store which is why most low income people I knew stayed away. But once you step inside you find it's no more expensive than most other grocery stores and in fact, offer things that are unique to the brand. It's been one of the most highly growing brands out there and people are clearly fans. There's just one problem: There's only 7 locations in Michigan. Ann Arbor, Bloomfield Hills, Grosse Pointe, Kalamazoo, Kentwood, Northville, Rochester Hills and Royal Oak are the only cities home to one of their stores.

For us in Kalamazoo that's great, but for people who live in Southwest Michigan who live up to an hour or more away from Kalamazoo, that's a problem. Luckily, one person has come up with the idea to actually request a Trader Joe's to come to their town through their website. I had no idea that you could even do this. The lady, living in St. Joseph, has asked her community to request one come there and has already convinced around 100 people to do the same...

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I know there is now one in the South Bend area, but what about Southwest Michigan? The more requests, the more they consider according to demand! It’s a quick easy request form, fill out here! **Since there’s already one in Kalamazoo and already one in South Bend, I mentioned the Saint Joseph Michigan area by name in the notes of the request form.
No word on how long requests will take to be considered but we can keep our fingers crossed for them and wait to see if their hard work pays off.

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