I love when I can end the week by reading something super positive about something someone in Michigan did to make someone's week. I think we all know the anxiety and stress of losing something like our phone or our wallet, especially when we have credit cards, cash, and other belongings in it. One such thing happened to a woman, Mariah Nicole, who was visiting Frankfort, near Traverse City. She had lost her wallet while on vacation and ended up having to leave it behind when she returned home to Green Bay.

Luckily for her, Amy Lynn and her husband Joe discovered her wallet, and upon opening it, found her ID, so they were able to mail it back to her, which they did promptly. After receiving it in the mail, she joined a Traverse City group in the hopes of finding the couple who helped her out and truly made her cry tears of joy:

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I joined this group in hopes to find the person who was SO KIND enough to find my wallet and send it back to me in the mail to WI! (All of my cash, belongings and gift cards are still in there!!) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! God bless your heart!!! I will be sending a thank you card to the returning address, but I was hoping to find the kind soul to thank them personally. When I received this in the mail today I cried A LOT (happy tears!!) I couldn’t believe it. I am so happy to know there are still GOOD and HONEST people out there!!! It’s restored my faith in humankind.

She ended up finding the couple and was able to thank them personally. This is the kind of thing we all need. One small good deed a day will turn this world around slowly but surely.

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