Some of the best things in life happen in twos my friends. Buy one get on free or BOGO, as us professional shoppers like call it, will always get us a great deal. A pair of aces in a game of Poker is always good. Tickets to concerts and shows are commonly sold in pairs. Two eyes, two ears, two arms and two legs, make a body complete, see where I'm going here?

So it would make sense to double down on our music. Hence, the introduction of Two-fer Tuesday on RKR. Now technically a twofer is referred to a cabling device used in stage lighting allowing for two stage lights to be connected to one singular circuit. It is wired such that voltage remains unchanged and is split and divided over two connectors but, for the purposes of this exercise - it's two damn rocking songs from the same artist back to back!

The name is a corruption of the phrase "Two For One" so every Tuesday we'll run your favorite artists back to back all day long, in a sense giving you two for one. Two songs for one listen. See what I did there?

Not going to lie, being able to dig a little deeper from time to time to hear some tracks from artists not commonly played is rather exciting too and we're having a blast bringing this feature to you. You can help out too. Please send us your thoughts and suggestions via our RKR App. Please feel free to share and spread the news as well if you would please, as we want to bring this ear candy to as many fans of rock music as we can.

Once again, thanks for listening and rock on...twice as hard now!

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