What do you do when a polar vortex grinds us to a frozen halt? You have a little fun by channeling science and making "beer snow."

We've all seen videos of people taking boiling water and throwing it in the air to make an impressive snow cloud. It's really cool. In fact, some of our radio crew did that last Friday in slow-motion and it was glorious. But these two guys named Sparky and Skeeter, from up north literally said, "Hold my beer."

When the temperatures in Wisconsin hit -42 over the weekend they boiled a case of Leinenkugel - the official beer of Wisconsin - and made an impressive video of the feat that could win the beer-lympics one day. And really, there should be such an event.

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While the beer was boiling, they even had time to boil a few bratwursts. That's such a Wisconsin thing to do. After the cold weather lunch, the magic was about to begin.

These arctic geniuses fastened an air cannon to the vat of boiling beer and then it was ready, aim, fire. They made it snow beer and their celebration is epic. That's going to be a hard one to top on these polar vortex days.

This was the inaugural video on their new Youtube channel and I think I'll subscribe. Because we all need a little fun right now.

By the way, we have 33 days to go until spring, so guys, we've got some time to convince our wives we need an air cannon and a case of beer.

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