For the past few years we've seen some people get a little silly when it comes to their snow removal. There has been a growing tradition recently about dressing up in a costume while you've got the snow-blower out in the hopes of catching someone's eye to give them something to laugh about. The most popular of choices has been a unicorn costume. We've seen people in Michigan, Minnesota and Ohio all get down on the fun, and the tradition continues, as one Ohio man's video of him plowing was picked up by Good Morning America.

The city of Lakewood near Cleveland is where the following video was shot, showing an unidentified man using a snow-blower to clear the sidewalk during their most recent snow storm last week:

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Normally when we talk about Ohio it's something shameful, but this is actually really cool and smart, as one person commented how something like this can really help lift people's spirits:

My parents are beyond retired if someone were to do that to their sidewalk that would be the only thing that they would talk about for the next week and a half at least and it would bring great joy to them well done whoever is doing this I'm sure that neighborhood is in such a good mood all because of a man in a unicorn suit.

Last year, it was Erin Peace in South Lyon who was captured getting rid of the snow on her driveway by her neighbor. I'm sure this won't be the last one we see this winter.

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