See inside one of Lakeview's finest houses, inspired by America's best-known architect. It has been updated and is on the market for less than $350k.

You won't see his name on the plans or the drawing, but you will recognize the Frank Lloyd Wright style in this Lakeview home for sale in Battle Creek. The gorgeous house, at 364 S Hills Dr, within walking distance of Goguac Lake and Battle Creek Country Club has had some major work done.

For Frank Lloyd Wright, architecture was more than functional, it was a philosophy. He believed that his structures should promote "harmony between human habitation and the natural world." This house sits on a beautiful, spacious, wooded lot, but it is the interior spaces that seem much roomier thanks to the inspired design. This house was designed and once occupied by Tony Hotton, a devotee of Wright's work.

Listed at $339,000, this 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath home encompasses 3,248 square feet of space. The great room is the main draw, with vaulted ceilings, a chandelier, fireplace and unique stairway. You get the feeling you could end up in Narnia if you venture too far into he walk-in closet in the master bedroom, and the basement game room area has an otherworldly look as well. Creative use of space can be found in just about every room of this fascinating dwelling where nothing is ordinary.

The house had fallen into some disrepair and was listed some time ago for $247,400. Scroll through the current photo gallery below and you can see that major work has been done since then, adding to the value of this truly unique home.

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Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Home For Sale in Battle Creek


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