I might be in the minority here but I feel like the Winter season gets a bad rap. Everybody seems to dread hearing about the first snowfall and the horrible memories that winter time conjures up.  To me, Winter is the best season of all and never one to loathe.

Take Summer for instance, all that sweating from the humidity just makes me tired and listless leaving me with no energy. Spring and Fall are no better with all the rain and constant dampness.  Nope, give me a crisp cold Winter day....well, any day.

Here are a few reasons I love me some Winter time.

Winter has the best holidays. Christmas, New Years and even Valentines Day. What other season has holidays where you get gifts, can celebrate a new beginning and enjoy a day of love? Nobody has ever lost a couple of fingers from opening a present right?

Winter has no annoying bug problem. Bothersome mosquito's, fly's and bees are asleep leaving you bug free for a long time. Sure you may run into an occasional spider tucked away in a ceiling corner but it is probably moving rather sluggishly and has no intention of ever approaching you.

What about the picturesque beauty of a snowfall and the landscape after an inch or two of fresh fallen snow. Everything just looks cleaner and so pristine.  Plus, after a good snowfall, you can go outside and build a snowman. Ever hear of going outside after a fresh sunlit day and building a Sunman? Heck no you haven't.

Food taste better. Not sure why but cravings for comfort foods like soups, casseroles and big bowls of warm chili taste so much better during Winter months. Tell me the smell of fresh baked goods wafting throughout the house on a cold Winters day doesn't say cozy.

Sure you might have to spend a few extra minutes bundling up to keep warm at times but for me, I would take a quiet calm Winters day over the hustle and bustle (not to mention all the sweat) of a Summer day...any day.

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