The Gilmore Car Museum continues to be among the first venues in the region to bring live music back. They've got another show lined up with the Van Halen tribute group Van Halen II.

The show is Friday, June 25 at 8PM and tickets are available here. Tickets are $20 general admission and $40 for VIP which includes preferred lawn seating in front of the stage and a private VIP bar.

The Rocker also has your chance to win tickets with the Van Halen Song of the Day. Listen for a Van Halen song during the dates and hours listed below and drop the title of that song into the entry box below.

Van Halen Song of the Day Dates and Times

  • Monday, May 31 3PM
  • Tuesday, June 1 7AM
  • Wednesday, June 2 5PM
  • Thursday, June 3 8AM
  • Friday, June 4 1PM
  • Monday, June 7 4PM
  • Tuesday, June 8 6AM
  • Wednesday, June 9 3PM
  • Thursday, June 10 Noon
  • Friday, June 11 9AM

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