Don't miss a very special edition of Live in Concert this Saturday night featuring Van Halen on Kalamazoo's Rock Station.

Sure, we're missing live concerts, but this week we miss Eddie Van Halen most of all. He was a huge influence on all of us at RKR. EVH was a big inspiration for JT to take his guitar playing to the next level and he made Tommy think about giving up altogether. (Bobby and Stefani can only play the radio, but we know talent when we see it.)

We celebrate Eddie Van Halen's life and guitar wizardry this weekend on Live in Concert. Saturday night at 8, hear a show recorded live at the Tokyo Dome on June 21, 2013. It was the long-anticipated reunion with David Lee Roth. The band was energized and sounding great with Eddie doing things only Eddie can. Hear early classic hits like "Unchained," "Runnin' with the Devil," and "You Really Got Me," plus classic DLR-era tracks like "Hot for Teacher," "Panama," "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" and more.

Sandwiched between two Van Halen sets, we've got Collective Soul live from Atlanta, Georgia's R.E.M. from 2003 and classic Kansas this week on the show. Saturday nights rock with Live in Concert, every week at 8 pm, exclusively on Kalamazoo's Rock Station 107.7 RKR

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