Maybe I'm a little out of the loop.  I'm just now coming around the whole "vaping" craze which I'm not entirely clear on how it all works.  Is it still smoking?  Is it more harmful or less harmful?  These are my questions so far regarding that and now more questions come up when we're talking about vaping with alcohol.

According to our friends at WWMT, Gun Lake Casino now offers what they're calling "Vapshots" at the Stage 131 Bar.  Now, I've done "poppers" in the past (the very distant past) by pouring a shot in a small glass, adding pop, covering the glass with a coaster, banging it on the table so it fizzes up and then drinking.  This eliminated the taste of the alcohol and got you drunk fast. A Vapshot entails filling a balloon with a flavored vodka mist and then you just inhale what's in the balloon and there you go.  And apparently you feel the effects almost immediately.  Get the rest of the story by clicking HERE.

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