Plant-based diets have been becoming more and more popular. Yet, finding dining options that are vegan friendly can often prove to be difficult.

I'm not a vegan but I have plenty of friends who are. They have shared their frustrations with trying to find a variety of options when choosing to dine out. Instead, they usually end up with plain noodles or a salad. Understandably, that would get boring quickly. Thankfully, it looks like we have more than a few options in the Kalamazoo area.

On Kalamazoo's Reddit, user WondrousFungus said,

Hey there, I'm new in town and looking for restaurants with vegan options. Any favorite spots?

Gathering the suggestions made by locals, here are at least 5 spots in Kalamazoo that offer vegan-friendly dining options:

1. One Well Brewing 

One Well Brewing was recommended by several people. Taking a quick look at their menu, it looks like they do have several vegan options listed including a buffalo chick-un sandwich. As well, they offer weekly specials but there's no guarantee that those will be vegan or have a vegan option. You can see One Well Brewing's full menu either on Facebook or on their website.

2. Crow's Nest 

Reddit user cheesemagnifier referred to Crow's Nest and said, "The tofu scramble is really good!" I'm not sure if the above picture is what they are referring to but, that looks delicious! Crow's Nest offers monthly specials which you can see on their website. As of today, 8/31, they're offering the Vegan Beacon. It includes marinated tofu, artichoke hearts, tomato, spinach and garlic vegannaise. Keep in mind, since this is a monthly special it's likely to change within the next few days. You can also find updates by following Crow's Nest on Facebook.

3. Cairo's Kitchen

A newer addition to downtown Kalamazoo, Cairo's Kitchen serves Egyptian style dishes. And they're authentic. Read more about their journey to Kalamazoo below:

Looking at their menu, their vegan dishes are easy to spot since they use a (VE) to indicate which ones are vegan friendly. Everything from falafel to their koshary are safe for plant-based diets. See their full menu online or follow them on Facebook.

4. Chau Haus

Reddit user DishKittyStudio recommended Chau Haus writing, "Chau Haus has a vegan menu. Mushroom schnitzel!" I wasn't aware that we had a German style restaurant in town. At first glance the menu may not seem vegan but, using the pierogis as an example, they can be made without bacon and with oil instead of butter to make them vegan friendly. Located on Stadium drive, you can see their full menu here or follow them on Facebook.

5. Rose Gold Coffee Company 

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According to Rose Gold Coffee Company's website, their menu is entirely plant-based. With that being said, if you're vegan I would still double check that the item you're ordering is vegan friendly since a full list of ingredients aren't immediately listed on their menu. However, if every item is, in fact, vegan friendly you have a long list of delicious treats to enjoy with your morning or afternoon coffee. You can also follow them on Facebook for updates on hours and more.

There are a plethora of restaurants in the Kalamazoo area and I'm quite sure I've barely scratched the surface of places offering vegan-friendly dishes. If you're looking for even more options there are a few listed on Yelp or you can refer back to the original Reddit post.

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