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Nichole Mizikar Facebook

A family in Vicksburg is in a really horrible situation after losing literally everything to a house fire that happened Wednesday, July 20th. Sadly, days after their baby went through cleft lip surgery, the family is now homeless and is asking the community for anything they can spare:

My friend Lena and her husband's house just burnt down just a second ago. They got two kids, a boy and a girl, and two dogs, and ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING was lost in the fire. They only have the clothes on their backs and what little stuff they could grab before their house blew up! They have no diapers, no wipes, NOTHING! They are currently at the hospital due to her husband having 3rd-degree burn from trying to put out the fire.

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How It Started

According to the information they received from the fire department, there were a few reasons for the fire:

The fire started off as a grease fire which is how he got burned, but then they were notified that there was an Electrical fire in the attic that made the house ignite. PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM AND THEIR FAMILY! If you have anything laying around that you can part with( like clothes and whatnot) to help them out please let me know!

There's a GoFundMe currently set up for the family that was started by the husband's Mother that you can see here with all the information about the situation. We hope the community shows up big for the family at this incredibly difficult time.

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