Absolutely amazed at the size of some of the fish that come out of Lake Michigan. That's why I wanted to share the following videos (some of my favorites) that I compiled from You tube. All the fish in the following videos have been pulled from Lake Michigan which is one of my favorite places to fish.

The anglers use a variety of lures and bait and techniques that are fun to study and watch. Some are trained professionals and others just stumbled upon some dumb luck but no matter what you think,  the creatures they pull  from our beautiful Lake are awesome!

One of my favorite anglers to follow is The Consummate Sportsman according to this video posted in 2017, "We were having a solid fishing trip while trolling for Lake Michigan king salmon before that fateful final strike came. Then things got real interesting..."  and interesting this video is, try over 30 pounds of interest!

Here's one that came out of lake Michigan near Wisconsin. The guy never weighs this bad boy but easily over 20 pounds of lake Trout after a great effort on the lake!

Here's a big Brown Trout over 20 pounds at least off the shores of Milwaukee in Lake Michigan.

Here's vid of 16 pound Steelhead caught in northern Lake Michigan. Man what I wouldn't do catch a Steelhead that size!

Here's a huge KIng Salmon pulled out of the northern lake Michigan area. Appears this fish put up a long fight but well worth it!

Feel free to share with us your catches. Doesn't matter whether its video or pictures we want to see how you're hittin' em out on the water.

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