A series of photos that have been circulating around Southwest Michigan appears to show a school bus crossing train tracks with a locomotive near the crossing.

The photos, which were posted by Herb Theodore, are a series of three shots that show what looks like a train on the railroad tracks and the crossing's lights lit. The bus then crosses in front of the train. The incident is reported to have happened along Main Street in Plainwell.

The bus was going 5 or 10 miles per hour, he estimated, and the bus stopped at the railroad crossing with its lights flashing and the door opened and closed before it proceeded over the tracks, he said. The train then passed the railroad crossing.

Both the Kalamazoo Gazette and WWMT are reporting that

Plainwell Superintendent Matt Montange confirmed Friday that the driver was placed on paid administrative leave while the school district investigates.

"We consider it very serious," he said. "We want our kids to be safe, that's our number one priority."

The series of photos have been shared more than 1000 times on Facebook.

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