VIVA FAJITA! will be making it's return, as the restaurant has announced that this will be the last week operating out of Mendon as Viva, and will soon re-open in Portage under their original name in the Former Bravo! building. Mendon is a small town that has a lot of history, and one I personally enjoy driving through on my way to Colon, and the restaurant has appreciated the time spent there, and used the announcement as a way to laugh through the minor struggles of operating in the building, while also showing appreciation:

Our historic brick building on the river was a great place to start but we have simply outgrown the space, both as a family (with the addition of our baby boy in December) and as a business. While we won't miss our 110-degree kitchen in the summer or our tiny 2-burner stove with a 2 ft flat top, we will miss the sunsets on the patio and waving at all our river neighbors as they floated by.
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The company said the new building and the kitchen space and equipment it provides will allow them to successfully pull off their dream menu. The last day scheduled for the Mendon location is Saturday February 5th, 2022. They also said any gift cards will for Viva! will be honored at the new location.
There was heavy rumors last year that they would be taking over the former location but they were keeping it super low key. Now that the rumor has been confirmed, Portage is excited for the new addition.

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