I'm not sure what to think about certain age requirements.  When I was a teenager the smoking age was 16, the drinking age was 18, so was the voting age and the gambling age was 21.  So 2 of those 4 remain.  Recently, there has been talk of reducing the drinking age and even the voting age to 18 and 16 respectively.  The drinking age has more of a chance with the military argument.  If you're old enough to fight and die, you should be allowed to drink.  Not sure if that argument will be compelling enough.

Frankly, I'm surprised the smoking age debate is back in the forefront.  Smoking is way down the past 30-40 years which doesn't make for a national outcry.  Perhaps it's the vaping and other techniques that have cropped up that has people talking about it again.  One corporate player is jumping into the fray and raising the age to buy tobacco products to 21 and that is Walgreens.  According to an article on fox17online.com, it's all part of an effort to create a "smoke free" generation.  Check out what else is being done by others and why by clicking HERE.

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