Wally's Treasures Antique Mall in Grand Rapids is one of those places that people love checking out and kind of getting lost in all of the booths. Places like that, similar to Dave's & Also Reits Flea Market down here, are perfect if you want to spend a few hours walking around to see if you can find any hidden treasures. Wally's in particular has seen a lot of success over the years, which prompted him to open up a brand new location in Wyoming.

The new store at 3637 Clyde Park Ave, Wally's Castle, opened up their doors on April 1st, and I recently found a video that is no joke. Now before I get into it a little bit let me first point out that in an attempt to stay sane while working in the food industry for 15 years, I've made up so many songs about so many people and LOVE to riff things. I guess you could say my humor is inspired by Mystery Science Theatre. So when I saw the advertisement video for Wally's Castle, I must have watched it 4 times, laughing the entire time.

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Personally, I think they did a good job of featuring what they had to offer in the video, but it's the song that kills it. Getting someone slightly off key to sing over karaoke tracks changing the lyrics to describe what customers can expect at Wally's is amazing. No big budget needed just some dude with a karaoke machine and bars. Check it out below:

This Little Shop Up North Sells Some Awesome Crap

Kingsley is a tiny village about a half hour Southeast of Traverse City. It turns out I picked the right time to miss a turn because a new shop called "Redefined," which markets itself as featuring "Candy, Crafts, Crap." Seriously. That's their slogan. So you know I had to step inside and see what this place was all about. They weren't kidding, they had all of the above listed items for sale.

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