The title of this article is sophomoric in its nature but my intent is anything but. My goal is to draw your attention to the seriousness of getting a Colonoscopy and reducing your risk of getting colon cancer.

The recent death of Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman who at 43 succumbed to colon cancer, is creating a movement for earlier detection in our younger generations.  For most us, having a camera poking around the walls of our large intestines is something that only happens to older folks and unless colon cancer runs in your family, it’s mistakenly assumed getting one done at age 50 will suffice.  While rates for colon cancer for age 50 and older are decreasing, rates for those younger than 50 are increasing.

Truth is, that many colon cancer deaths could have been prevented. It is presumed had Ronnie James Dio, and Farrah Fawcett sought colonoscopies even a year or so before their deaths, they may have survived.  Sharon Osbourne neglected going to see a doctor for over three years and only did so at Ozzy’s urging.  She credits Ozzy with saving her life as she was diagnosed in a nick of time to overcome and eventually become a colon cancer survivor.

The process of going through a colonoscopy is a little uncomfortable and awkward I’m not going to lie but when you weigh what you could be up against, its worth every moment.  Especially that moment when they wake you up the very instant the scope is leaving your bum and the only sound in the room you hear, is you, expelling the largest amount of air from your anal cavity imaginable.  Come on now, that there is funny…I don’t care how old you are.

So you mature folks keep up the good work staying regular with your check ups (see what I did there?) and you whipper snappers in your 40’s, get off my lawn and go get yourself checked.

Those we lost to Colon Cancer

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