It seems we run across something like this just about everyday and every now and then I feel compelled to say something.  As always I start with 'intent and impact' because, like it or not, it plays an important part in in many areas of our lives most notably when it comes to sexual harassment.  This is not one of those times.  This time it's more about political correctness and while we can't tell someone how they should be impacted I do think we might be better served if we paid more attention to intent in individual cases.

According to FOX 29 in New Jersey, it happened at Cherry Hill High School East where someone thought there was inappropriate wording on the prom tickets.  You see, the prom was to take place at The Constitution Center and the students in charge thought it would be fun to do a play on words with the Prince song on the tickets which said: 'Party Like It's 1776'.  What followed was outrage and an apology by the principle which included a reference to the year 1776- a time in history that not all Americans can celebrate.

I agree that there were conditions in place in 1776 that not all Americans can celebrate but there were also conditions in 1999 that not all Americans can celebrate either.  Again, we can't begin to tell someone how they should be impacted but I would guess that this was an attempt to be clever.  Coming from someone who's an equal opportunity offender, maybe sometimes we should just let cleverness/humor go and move on.  What do you think?  Check out the story by clicking HERE.

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