One things is for sure, we love a good demolition. You really have to give it to demolition workers for having the skill to plant dynamite in a building in such a way that you can make a building collapse at free fall speed, clean and perfect. One such demonstration happened over the weekend as the infamous Grand Haven Power Plant was demolished.

Check out the video below to witness it and hear from members of the community about the demolition, the power plant's closure, and the reason why it was ultimately shut down:

There have been some other sweet Michigan demolitions that have taken place over the years, such as Detroit's Park View Hotel. The building was imploded on July 11, 2015:

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Of course, you can't forget the infamous J.L. Hudson's store in Detroit, at 5:47 PM on Saturday, October 24, 1998:

The J.B. Sims Generating Plant sat on the riverfront in Grand Haven for 37 years. Friday was the last time members of the community would see it standing tall, as Grand Haven Mayor Bob Monetza expressed to Wood TV:

Seeing it come down was pretty exciting and it was also kind of bittersweet. Now we’ll get used to a whole new different normal in our city.

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