Spring Training has been forgettable for the Detroit Tigers this year.    The team is missing many key players who are participating in the World Baseball Classic.  Miguel Cabrera recently made his presence felt in a game against Italy.

The game was a tie breaker to determine which team moves on in the tournament.   Cabrera hit a home run in the 9th inning to help tie the score.   Venezuela went ahead and ended up winning 4-3.

I'll admit I am not that excited about the WBC, but I am willing to watch a few games as some have been competitive. One of those I watched was the match up between Dominican Republic and Team USA Saturday night.   The game had a World Cup Soccer crowd vibe and you could tell both teams were really into it.

Great pitching early on by Team USA before the Dominicans started hitting the relief pitchers hard and eventually winning the game.

The next round has started and it looks like we should see some more good match ups.  If you are craving some competitive baseball you should check out  these WBC games.

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