When you are playing for one of the hardest trophies to win in sports you sometimes have to the dirty work to help your team win. 

According to Yahoo Sports,  Tampa Bay Lightning captain Steven Stamkos did something he rarely ever does.  He dropped the gloves and got into a fight with Montreal's Karl Alzner.  It was more of a standing brawl but still cool to see.

The fight started as Stamkos stood up for his teammate Nikita Kucherov who was hit by Alzner.

Stamkos is not only the captain for the Lightning but he has been known more for his offense and scoring ability over the years than one as a fighter.

Tampa is currently the top team in all of the NHL with a good chance to hoist the Stanley Cup at the end of the season.    Seeing your captain and one of your top scorers fighting is something you don't usually want to see.

You do like to see your captain standing up for his team mates.   We'll see how far Tampa goes and if they can win the cup in June.

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