What do you do if you're Marietta Tyks from South Bend and you've just found the most fun trick online. You attempt it on your husband, of course.

The premise is a magic trick to get a penny into a bottle of water.

The video, posted in early April 2017 received 35 million views in just two days. Watch and you'll know why - oh, and as Marietta wrote when she posted it "try not to laugh."

I saw this on Facebook and wanted to try it on Tommy Tyks. Watch and try not to laugh.

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Posted by Marietta Spencer Tyks on Sunday, April 2, 2017

The video ends with Marietta saying 'gotcha' to her husband. No, Marietta, you got all of us, and we loved it.

The couple has received comments from around the world:

Yours is the cutest and funniest one I've ever seen. Love both of your laughs. They're great! I have a feeling u both have lots of fun with each other.

Relationship goals! You two have amazing laughs and great smiles that warmed my heart today! Thank you greatly for sharing this with us!!

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