Kristen Rumsey has always had a love for the strange and unusual, and with a history like Michigan has, there's plenty to keep her busy here in Southwest Michigan. A resident of Jenison, just Southwest of Grand Rapids, she has been reaching out to members of different communities to discuss paranormal experiences that people have has in certain places in their area. The podcast named "The Weird and Suspicious," has just launched and will be featuring a new episode every Thursday, as she told us the inspiration behind it:

Two friends and I started it when the girl (Kyla) and I kept repeating “that’s weird, that’s suspicious” from a clip/meme from Cardi b and then when we hung out with the other cohost (Josh) we would always talk about conspiracy theories, ghost, aliens, and even true crime. That’s when we all got the idea that it would be a cool podcast and to call it “the weird and suspicious” and we decided to keep true crime out of it because there’s a ton of true crime podcast already.


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That's when her and her friends decided to stick with folk lore, conspiracy theories, ghost, aliens, and really anything unexplained. The want to be able to keep it light hearted and joke about things as well is hard with true crime, because you don't want to insult a family who have lost a loved one. It’s something all of them have an interest in separately so, they thought it’d be fun to record the things they like and go into all the weird and suspicious things together.

You can listen to them here.

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