Usually when you think baseball park food you think of Hot dogs, peanuts and burgers.  The West Michigan Whitecaps have recently added an edible insect to their menu. 

According to the story from Wood TV 8, the Detroit Tigers minor league affiliate in Grand Rapids now serves roasted crickets with coconut lime seasoning.

Crickets may sound horrible but are a delicacy around the world and are actually good for you.  A 3 ounce serving of the insects contain 11 grams of protein at 103 calories.

This isn't the first time insects have made their way into ballpark menus.  Last year the Seattle Mariners made news by offering Grasshoppers.

The Whitecaps have been known in recent years for their creative menu offerings.  Items that include the Fifth Third Burger, a cheddar infused sausage wrapped in bacon, a volcano of onion rings and a cheeseburger topped with a split brat.

If you want to try the crickets at a game they will be available in the "Wok Off" cart that is on the first base side of the stadium.  You can also find them in the Craft Clubhouse.

Would you try crickets at Fifth Third Ballpark?

For more details on  the Whitecaps and their schedule you can check out their web site here.

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