As the saga continues, we once again have more questions than answers.  There was a moment that proponents were hoping for when a company was going to include the "gift of weed" or "weedables" as thanks for purchasing their product.  That loophole seems to have been filled or, at least, been put on hold.  The majority of the progress seems to be in the opposite direction of availability for recreational marijuana with communities continuing to restrict the sale even before systems are in place to do so.

So here we are still only able to consume by means of growing ourselves or being gifted by others leaving many to focus on other situations; many of which have to do with legality.  Recently, another question came up in regard to where and where not pot can be consumed.  In an article on, The State Police weighed in on a geography question:  Can passengers in a limo, taxi or car smoke weed legally?  The answer may not surprise you especially if you use the "think of pot like alcohol" guidelines.  That answer would be NO!  Get the rest of the story by clicking HERE.

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