Even though legal use of recreational marijuana was voted in last November, there is a considerable amount of doubt as to weather it will be made available to the non-medical consumer any time soon.  As has been chronicled several times in this forum, many cities and municipalities have already banned the sale of recreational marijuana well before it would be available to the basic customers.

According to the State Treasury in an article on mlive.com, Michigan is projected to make about $18.2 million.  That may seem like a lot but that's only from the sale of "medical" marijuana and the system for sales on that level alone are hampered from succeeding even more.  In fact, the state could take in as much as $50 million but roadblocks to licensing have limited opportunities to expand the growth; so to speak. Just think what could be generated if the State of Michigan got its act together on medical marijuana AND recreational marijuana!  We could fix the roads!!!  Get more of the story by clicking HERE.


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