just released a list of the 23 Things that Could Make You Rich (That You Threw Out), and it's a wonderfully regrettable bit of nostalgia. Did you know that original My Little Pony toys are worth up to $400 to collectors today? Or that Cabbage Patch Dolls are fetching nearly a thousand? Crazy, right? I'm sure they're looking for items in pristine condition; not the marker covered, fur frayed, one-eyed aftermath that most of our toys were reduced to after years of love, but it got me thinking... I have an Alf stuffed animal, a Little Foot plush, and a Carebear Cousin still hanging around.

Turns out, they're not worth much out of the package but the price of one's wistful sentimentality. My dream of cashing my forgotten treasures in for cash died just as soon as it began.

What about you, dear reader? What have you parted with that is now worth a lot of money? What did you get rid of and felt immediate regret?

Bonus Video: Check Out This Vintage TV Commercial for the Carebear Cousins

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