On the surface, it's just an act of professional kindness, but it's something that should be a template for all of us.

Here's the story:

Longtime Kalamazoo bakery Sarkozy's had their sheeter break down. Here's the story in their words, from Facebook:

HUGE thank you to @thevicbakery !!
The holidays can be a lot of things, but some of this season's best attributes are going strong; sharing, caring, and togetherness.
About 30 hours before Christmas eve our sheeter broke down right in the middle of laminating croissant and danish! That's when Maria at Victorian Bakery opened her doors to us and offered up her equipment and space. We loaded up everything that needed to be laminated, drove it a few blocks West, and went to work right alongside her bakers!

For something like this to happen at a critical time of the year is bad. But whether you want to call it the "spirit of Christmas" or simply human kindness and decency, the owners and crew at Victorian Bakery deserve a hearty pat on the back, and also a  "thanks" for maybe reminding us of a lesson that too often is forgotten.

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Yes, it's cliche, but we are stronger when we work together. Look at all the people who have painted themselves into a corner with their strong opinions. Without getting too preachy, this reminds us that extending a hand will go a lot further than all the negative that can be said or done.

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