How it's pronounced in Michigan is still up for debate but whether you say begel or bagel, where is your go-to spot to grab the delicious carb-heavy breakfast food?

Patric Woodard, a member of the popular local Facebook group "The Kalamazoo Foodie" recently posed the question to residents asking,

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Other than Bagel Beanery and Big Apple, what’s your go-to bagel shop in Kalamazoo?...It is a bagel desert in this city. Major opportunity for someone who knows the game.

As someone who prefers to start my day with a toasty asiago cheese bagel and plain cream cheese, I was curious to hear these answers too! My go-to includes Panera Bread but I'm hoping to find some more locally owned options. Here's what Kalamazoo residents had to say:

  • "Five Lakes has yummy bagels and bagel sandwiches!" - Samantha Hartman
  • "Biggby! Turkey, Havarti, extra cream cheese, on an everything bagel" - Michelle Lynn Duren

  • "Does Sarkozy make bagels? Or Victorian Bakery?" - Phyllis S. Price Lubbert

I was also surprised by the number of responses suggesting Patric check out grocery stores like D&W or Harding's to satisfy his next bagel craving! Mandi Clisso Bagley said,

100% DW on Parkview

While Jenny Bee added,

I love Hardings Asiago bagels from their bakery!

Kalamazoo residents will also be able to look forward to a new bagel option coming soon, when Factory Coffee opens their second location downtown. The new location, which is eyeing a mid-July opening date, says housemade bagels will be included on the new menu.

Did Patric miss anything? Where's your favorite place to grab a bagel in the Kzoo area?

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