This sure might raise some eyebrows. At a public meeting, the mayor of Hudson, Ohio, Craig Shubert, said ice fishing leads to prostitution.

Hudson is a quiet town of 22,000. It's a suburb of Akron, and southwest of Cleveland, on Interstate 80. It has a beautiful historic district with big old house and groomed lawns.

Apparently the topic of ice fishing came up and Hizzoner was against it. First you allow ice fishing, and that leads to ice shanties, and then you've got prostitution.

As you can see by this tweet, the Mayor is no stranger to controversy. Last fall, he claimed a book (642 Things to Write About) used in a local high school's creative writing class would lead to child pornography, and he called for the entire school board to resign.

This prompted the local county prosecutor to go after Mayor Shubert, but she stopped short of filing charges against him. The prosecutor, Sherri Bevan Walsh said “The reckless conduct by Hudson’s mayor resulted in threats, fear, and hate-filled words from around the country,” She said the mayor's claims were false, and this whole situation could easily have spun out of control.

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A sampling of the reaction to the video so far...

One commenter said: The look on the other guy's face when he says that…..

Another was perplexed: "I am missing something? Is "ice fishing" a euphemism for something else?"

And, of course, the reaction brought out the funny: "Last weekend I caught 2 walleyes, 1 chlamydia, and 3 perch."

And another: "So the entire state of Minnesota is guilty of…ice fishing?"

And finally: "Brings back those childhood memories of swimming below 24" of ice, popping my shivering blue face & head up through all those ice fishermen's augered holes hoping one would rescue me from my ice pick pimp. Instead they all collapsed from heart attacks. So many lost souls."

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