They say money can't buy happiness but enough of it can tide you over until you cheer up.  Another expression I like is everybody's broke no matter your income because we seem to spend what we make and end up living pay check to pay check.  So, the next question is how much do you have to make in a year to be considered rich in Michigan?  I think the results of a recent study will surprise you.

Business Insider did the study but first got the opinions of Americans as to what they considered rich.  The number is $2.4 million to your name.  If you ask the government they say earning $500,000 a year or $600,000 per couple.  So, in which state would it take the least amount of annual income in order to be considered rich?  That would be Michigan!!!  The way they figured it is by taking the median household income of your state's largest city and formulate just what you need to make to be rich in comparison.  In Detroit the median household income is $26,249 which means to feel rich all you have to make is $52,498.  Check out more of the details and the list by clicking HERE.


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