Usually, we're touting the food and drink that's the best in America and/or the world.  In the past we've been proud of Bell's Beer, Mackinac Island, Water Street Coffee Shop on Oakland, Redamak's Burgers, Apple Pie from Achatz Handmade Pie Company, Fishing Spot, Saugatuck, Michigan Drivers, and Laura's Little Burger Joint just to name of few.  So what about not the best?  In fact, what about the grossest food in Michigan that has garnered national attention?

The folks at went in search for the grossest food from every state in the country.  Some of the selections from around the U.S. are obviously gross even though the people there love them.  For instance Green Tea & Pea Soup from Washington, Fried Squirrel from West Virginia and Raw Milk from Vermont.  So what about the great state of Michigan which isn't exactly best know for it's food?  It might surprise you to know as it surprised me that the Pasty has been named as the grossest food from Michigan.  Personally, I love Pasties especially from the Western U.P.

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