This Southwest Michigan TikToker has been viewed nearly 8 million times in the last 8 months.

Krystal Morris is killing the TikTok game from the small South Michigan town of White Pigeon.  Morris aka @krystalm777 on TikTok currently has 14.1 thousand followers and nearly 827 thousand total video likes.  Krystal has only posted 16 videos on this account since July of last year.  To have so many followers and video views so quickly is mind-boggling.  It probably doesn't hurt that Morris does Social Media marketing for a living.

Krystal shows off 3 fairy eggs that her chickens hatched in her most-watched video.  This video has been viewed an astounding 6.3 million times and liked over 708 thousand times.

Krystal nabbed herself 1 million views while showing off her husband's favorite chicken crockpot recipe.  This video received over 50 thousand likes.

The Fairy Egg saga continues with a part 2 video that pulled in over 690 thousand views and nearly 47 thousand likes.

Nothing to see here.  Just an adorable German Shepard helping with Spring cleaning.  This video has been viewed nearly 227 thousand times.


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