Over the weekend, I traveled to the sunny state of Arizona for a cousin's wedding. There, for the first time, I was able to try the highly praised burger joint, In-N-Out.

Overall, I would say the product matched its reputation. The ingredients tasted fresh, the flavor was delicious, and I would happily return for another visit. But, it looks like I'll have to travel across the country to do so.

Because, despite its popularity, the chain is nowhere to be found in Michigan or the midwest. In fact, you won't find an In-N-Out anywhere on the eastern side of the country. But, why?

Why In-N-Out Won't Open in the Midwest

Now, this isn't some sort of vendetta against the midwest. Most likely, everyone east of Texas will forever miss out on having a local In-N-Out location.

According to their website, In-N-Out makes their own burger patties and then delivers them directly to stores from their facility in California. They also boast about never freezing, pre-packaging, or microwaving their food.

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Michigan, alone, is a long way from California meaning their product would have to be frozen in order to be delivered safely. Something the company is, currently, unwilling to compromise on.

But, Other Fast Food Places Use Non-Frozen Products, Right?

Yes. Five Guys, Culver's, and Wendy's, for example, are a few nationwide chains that claim to never freeze their beef. So, what's the hold-up?


According to rd.com, the company is still in the family and is currently being run by Lynsi Snyder, the founders' only grandchild. And she, perhaps to preserve the family's legacy, refuses to franchise. Plus, only being able to find the brand in certain locations does give the feeling of experiencing something "special" when you visit one.

That being said, the company has been around since 1948 so, I guess they know what they're doing.

Still, I'm bummed that I'll have to travel 8-12 hours to experience one again.

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