More and more I'm seeing dogs go wherever people go.  It certainly hasn't always been the case.  Now, the amount of occasions dogs find their way into every day situations has grown with service dogs and even more so with the emotional support dogs.  Some believe the whole "emotional support animal" has gone too far.  Nevertheless, we're seeing more "pet" dogs in the workplace; even here is no exception.  So the question becomes: Where will the line be drawn?  For instance, should dogs be allowed where we eat?

According to an article on, a restaurant in Grand Rapids is now legally allowed to have dogs on it's outdoor patio.  One Trick Pony had actually been allowing dogs for years until someone complained and got the Health Department involved.  For the record, you have to have a permit and/or a variance in order to have dogs mingling at outdoor eateries.  There have been bills introduced in the past but haven't been passed.  I have seen dogs on restaurant patios in Kalamazoo but I'm not sure if anyone has complained.  Get more of the story by clicking HERE.


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