Here it is the first week of school and barely any talk about school safety.  Not that concern has dwindled but after what happened at Parkland in Florida, you would've thought that more of a "ramping up" might have taken place.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where the "shiny object" changes almost hourly now and we become distracted from our priorities.  So what has changed since the Florida High School shooting?  I'm not exactly sure.

There is one change that has already taken place at a Michigan school.  It's called a gun shot detector and it's already in place at Glen Lake in Leelanau County.  According to, the alert system works in some ways like a fire alarm with designated stations throughout the school.  If gun shots are heard, anyone can pull the alarm and police will be notified.  And in the event that the sound made by a gun shot is not recognized as such, the system will recognize the gun shots and alert the authorities much like a smoke alarm.  Could this be something that could go statewide or nationwide?  Check out all the details by clicking HERE.

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