I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that workers in other states close by are having chips embedded in their hands.  Let's face it, our phones are basically a tracking device.  Our TVs have the ability to see into our homes and our smart speakers are listening to every world we say and some of the things we do, ya know, even in the bedroom.  The whole chip idea really seems to go too far.  Or does it?  How would you feel about putting a chip into your small children in case they go missing?  Makes you think doesn't it?

Now, according to an article on freep.com, some Wisconsin workers are being embedded with microchips and they seem to be all for it.  In fact, they got t-shirts that say "I Got Chipped".  A local firm in River Falls, WI embedded chips for convenience so workers didn't need badges or log-ins.  They're hands are read much like a bar code gets scanned at the grocery store or how your phone can pay for things.  And, by the way, the chips aren't trackers as they don't have GPS.  Sound like that's OK?

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