Now that the Stafford–Goff trade is consummated, there is no guarantee that the Rams will win right away. Listen, I like and respect Stafford, but he still threw 144 interceptions in twelve years of service with the Detroit Lions.

They paid him millions with no dividends in return. But everyone knows the Lions organization smelled to the high heavens. Bad coaches, bad players, bad play calling and just a rotten situation for a good quarterback to flourish in. But he did show a solid toughness and he can really throw the football.

That being said, there is no guarantee that the Rams will win anything. I heard ESPN’s Mike Greenberg say he wouldn’t be surprised if Stafford is the NFL MVP. I like Greeny a lot, but c’mon.

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Stafford was an all-pro once in his career and Goff was a two time all-pro. Also, Goff took the Rams to a Super Bowl and lost to Tom Brady. Just saying, don’t put the cart before the horse with Stafford winning in LA.

The Lions obviously fleeced the Rams with this trade because of their desperation to win now. The million dollar question is, can the Rams win right away with Matthew Stafford?

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