In this day and age there are very few opportunities that are purely priceless.  It used to be that going backstage to meet the band was one of those priceless moments but not anymore.  Now, you can actually buy the experience with packages offered to VIPs with the right amount of cash.  But for those who want the experience and the "pricelessness", here is one of those opportunities.

The Rocker and CD Lawn Mainenance & Supply wanna send you to see and meet Alice In Chains in San Diego on Labor Day.  You'll win a trip for 2 including round trip airfare,hotel, great seats, $500 cash and go back stage to meet Alice In Chains.  I look at it this way, even if you're not a huge fan of Alice In Chains you've still got a trip to San Diego, a hotel  and some cash.  It could be worse.  Click HERE to enter.



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