ATTENTION MICHIGANDERS: Would the owner of a $150,000 winning Powerball ticket PLEASE stand up... and do it quick, because your ticket expires tonight at 4:45!

The ticket was sold a year ago, April 24th, at the Pine Knob Wine Shoppe, and SO FAR, no one has claimed the ticket as a winner. Unfortunately, I was nowhere near Michigan at the time this ticket was sold, BUT, had I been here, I'd be digging through last year's file folders, looking in coat pockets and old wallets... Maybe even a trip out to the landfill(?) to dig a little.

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BUT, even if the ticket isn't claimed, that money is going to be put to good use. All $150,000 will be donated to the Michigan School Aid Fund. That may be what's happening here. Seems like anyone doing wine shopping might be well enough off, they don't need that extra six figures. Of course... you consider how many boxes bottles of wine $150k could buy!

I could be way off, too. I mean, I've found "Party Store" receipts in my wallet from a couple years ago. Who knows how many lottery tickets were folded up in those receipts, too.

So bottom line, if you were buying wine and lottery tickets a year ago in Pine Knob... might not be a bad idea to check your pockets... all of them. Like, every single pocket in your home... coats, pants, hoodies, couch cushions, under your car seats, that black hole space between your car seat and the center console... look EVERYWHERE, or that money's going to donated to a great cause.


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