Before you could share images with the world in seconds on social media, the humble postcard once was a way to tell friends and family about your travels. But could you imagine sending someone a postcard of an overpass in Kalamazoo? Believe it or not, someone actually made one.

Available now on Ebay is this vintage postcard showing Interstate 94 though Kalamazoo (well Portage, really - we're south of Kilgore here) as Lovers Lane passes overhead.

Now it's likely the photographer was seeing the unique street name, rather than the barren highway scene.

The verbiage on the back of the card is about I-94 and the rest of the marvel that is Michigan's interstate highway system:

Crisscrossing the state through picturesque farm and forest lands is Michigan’s 1200 mile toll free super highway system. Friendly people, fine accommodations and outstanding scenic beauty make touring in Michigan a pleasure any time of the year.

They've been discussing the post card for years on the always excellent Vanished Kalamazoo Facebook page. And if you want to and this post card to your collection, it's available, as of this writing, on Ebay for $5.99, or here for $3.80.

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