Buster Bronco might be doing cartwheels. Western Michigan University says Bronco Bash will be back - live - for 2022. The date is Tuesday, August 30th at the Sangren Pedestrian Mall. The event starts with the explosion of the cannon at 3 o'clock and goes until 6 pm.

After several years of struggling with doing a virtual Bronco Bash, due to Covid restrictions, organizers say they're excited to be bringing back Bronco Bash as a live event for its 40th anniversary. While it may take a year or two to build back the event to where it was a decade or two ago, Bronco Bash still serves its original purpose: an opening event for new WMU students to see what's available both on-campus, with campus organizations, and to get a ton of free stuff from local and national businesses.

Of course, Bronco Bash is not limited to new students, as everyone loves a good party.

There was always a major sense of excitement surrounding Bronco Bash, especially in the years it was in the area surrounding Miller Auditorium and the plaza in front of it. In those years there was live music and it was a major party and you watch some twenty thousand students (and in some cases, non-students decent on the plaza at 3 o'clock. The lines were long, but it was still summer and nobody cared how crowded it was, as everyone was getting so much free stuff and there was live music from any number of musical acts, who played on the "front porch" of Miller Auditorium.

(SALP WMU via YouTube)

For any student organization or local vendor looking to participate, an application needs to be in by August 15 and all the information is here.

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