As a native Kalamazooligan, the music festival billboards become part of the city's backdrop, framed by the river and blending in with the breweries. Because of this, it's easy for lifelong residents to assume that every city outside Southwest Michigan has their own version of the Gilmore Festival and jazz celebrations. But Kalamazoo is a very special place for music; so much so that it has been named in the Top Ten schools for music majors.

And why not? Kalamazoo has one of the most eclectic music scenes, welcoming anyone and everyone with a song in their heart to play. Also, according to an article, Western Michigan University has "one of the finest jazz programs in the country." Situated equidistant from Chicago and Detroit, a musician has an almost endless supply of venues to perform in and musicians to work with. I guess you could consider Kalamazoo a sort of musical "Goldilocks Zone". According to Music School Central:

Seeing that Western Michigan University is a fine musical institution encapsulated within one of the most vibrant college towns, a student growing up here should seriously consider taking advantage of the town’s unmatched resources for what would be an outstanding college music education.

Congratulations, Kalamazoo! Let's continue making beautiful music together!



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